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we all need a pal

even if it is a plant

Did you know that taking care of another living thing helps with mental health? Just  caring for something helps us care for ourselves. It makes us happier, and healthier. And what could be better than a pal who does all that. Caring for plants, can be tricky, so we want to help you find a pal who is just right for you. 


Who am I?

Good Q. 

A plant lover who wants to be happy.

I'm not  qualified for a lot of things, but I am qualified at taking care of plants, and I am a firm believer that plant care, is self care. As someone who is deeply familiar with the difficulties of mental health I can say emphatically that having a plant helps. For me having plants is like having an emotional support pets, just a lot less work. 

But don't just trust me. Try it, see what having a plant for a pal can do for you. 



Artboard 2_300x.png
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